It’s our BirthYEAR!

25th anni graphicIt’s interesting how society changes as we progress. In fact, according to the Guinness World Records, the first person convicted of speeding was going a mere eight miles per hour (mph). This happened over a hundred years ago, and now driving rules and laws have been adjusted significantly.  Similarly, we have adjusted our speed in the modern world, and in the tourism industry, TPDCo has done the same. The organization opened its doors in April 1996, which equals to twenty-five years! Since then, we have grown, but have remained true to our mandate to ensure a diverse and enhanced product that will result in an improved quality of life for all Jamaicans. 

During that period of opening our doors, TPDCo also commenced the renowned Team Jamaica programme, which continues to be highly requested and has expanded its delivery through Approved Training Programmes. For the past few years, the programme has seen close to 10,000 persons and businesses participating every year and moving on to bigger and better things. The quest for knowledge and self-improvement has not died since the start of the programme, and to this day remains a high performing service for TPDCo.

For this and more, high praises should be bestowed to the team for their diverse skills, talent, and loyalty to the organization. Today, we have over 200 employees who range from project managers, trainers, communication specialists and more. It is their diligence and perseverance that has allowed many Jamaicans and foreigners even to benefit from the offerings of the tourism sector. The number of employees has significantly grown from when we started operations, some of whom have been here from the very beginning. As you can imagine, it takes a certain amount of love and devotion to one’s career to contribute for such an extended period.

For years, we have beautified and restored many of this country’s physical landmarks, safety has been enhanced through our visitor safety, and experience department, we are now able to reach even more tourism businesses to lend our support through product development, we communicate in additional ways through new media, and have managed to say in touch through the click of a button.

We have also seen many highs and lows as a company, and the year 2020 marked the beginning of a new normal for the entire organization. We have adjusted our sails and have fortunately managed to navigate the new order of things. Our programmes and services are still accessible, through new media and technologies. It is safe to say, our speed has increased, yet we are still focused and are cautious to ensure that all we do, will continue to benefit Jamaica.

For our first set of activities, we invite you to worship with us on June 5th and 6th 2021 at YouTube live @Andrews Memorial SDA and YouTube live @Fresh Bread Ministries Int. respectively, as we give thanks for this milestone and welcome even more blessings for centuries to come. Stay tuned to @tpdcoja (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) as we keep you informed of the many celebratory activities to come.

Until next time,

Stay safe.