#TPDCoTourismQuiz: The Curtains Have Closed

IMG_0310#TPDCoTourismQuiz: The Curtains have closed

Air Date: Monday July 09, 2018 at 6:00 pm

Rebroadcast: Tuesday July 10, 2018 at 4:30 pm

Before we pull the shades on the exciting journey of the TPDCo Tourism quiz, let us quickly review the four weeks of immense preparation for both the students and organizers and the match that led us to this sunset moment.

The TPDCo Tourism quiz was created by the Tourism Product development Company to familiarize primary level students at the grades 4-6 level about Jamaica’s tourism product. This stage in an individual’s life is an important one as it sets the tone for career development. Students are well aware of their aspirations and we would love to expand their options by showing them how important tourism is to Jamaica’s growth and development.

The students were provided with resource material to support their existing knowledge of Jamaica, and then we hit the road. Our prelims lasted two weeks, which you can read about HERE.

We then journeyed to TVJ and you would’ve had a chance to see the exciting quarter finals and semifinals and finally the last match to close the quiz.

Broughton Primary, with the swift thinkers who are eager to learn and display their knowledge and Naggo Head Primary, the school that sneakily crawls up without you even noticing to snatch what you believe you have carefully secured. Both teams were evidently ready to battle for the awards and the chance to be named champion. Broughton Primary hardly missed a beat in the first round, but Naggo Head was not allowing them to steal their thunder. They quickly huddled at every chance to discuss their answers and then confidently bagged their scores. All this was evident in their posture and heightened emotions to win.

Using their strongest members for the subject areas, each team nudged the appropriate person when necessary to ensure that they would emerge as winners. In the final section, however, it was clearly obvious who the winner would be. When the announcement was made, Broughton Primary, the little school from Westmoreland laughed and jumped in glee to hear that they were the inaugural TPDCo Tourism Quiz champions. They ended with 50 points while Naggo Head came in second with 22. This moment for both teams was reflective of the outcome of persistence and discipline and they deserved to dance and jump.

In addition to being named the champions, Broughton Primary walked away with the large TPDCo trophy, replica trophies for each team member, One Hundred thousand cash prize, tour of and lunch aboard the Allure of the Seas cruise ship, day passes to Beaches Resort, Dolphin Cove and the historic Devon House, a ten thousand dollar gift voucher and dictionaries from Sangster’s Bookstore, Team Jamaica scholarships for the coaches and TPDCo goodie bags for the coaches.

Broughton Primary also walked away with the special awards for scoring the most points in the competition and in a single match of 183 and 52 points respectively.

Naggo Head received some great prizes as well: replica trophies for the team members, Fifty Thousand dollars for their school, and day passes to Hyatt Ziva, Mystic Mountain and Devon House. The coaches received Team Jamaica scholarships as well as TPDCo goodie bags.

The third and fourth place winners, Mount St. Joseph Prep and Ardenne Preparatory were not left out; they received boat tours at the Montego Bay Marine Park and TPDCo goodie bags for the coaches.

We can say with great certainty that the inaugural TPDCo Tourism quiz was a success, but it would not be possible without our sponsors Television Jamaica, the Tourism Enhancement Fund, Jamaica Vacations and the Jamaica Tourist Board.

Thanks to our donors, the students will be able to get up close and personal with our tourism product: Falmouth Jamaica Land Company, Beaches Resort, Hyatt Ziva, Montego Bay Marine Park, Dolphin Cove, Mystic Mountain, Devon House, Sangster’s Bookstore, and Team Jamaica.

Until next time, we hope you enjoyed our quiz and let us all continue to strive to make Jamaica’s tourism product #1

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Broughton Primary - winners of the inaugural TPDCo Tourism Quiz
Broughton Primary – winners of the inaugural TPDCo Tourism Quiz